Why Sol Quijano?

Cristina A. García is the Sol Quijano and Cum Laude Manager and Co-founder.

Degree in Spanish and Italian Philology from University of Salamanca.

Sol Quijano is a Spanish for foreingers school with Spanish courses of different levels and spectacular extra activities suitable for each student, whereas Cum Laude is specialised in English and other school subjects learning for children from Mallorca.

Have a look!

In Majorca there is an international airport of Palma de Mallorca, “Son Sant Joan”, 7 km from the city, the third in number of travellers of Spain. From there you could travel in one hour to Spanish wonderful cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Santiago and Salamanca, or in two hours to European international cities like Rome, London and Paris.

Mallorca is synonymous with world- renowned beaches (more tan 200) and coves, but it is also a perfect destination to enjoy countryside, culture, water sports, entertainment… There are many reasons to stay in this Mediterranean paradise. Contact us!.