Your accommodation is a very important part of your study trip. That is why Sol Quijano attaches a lot of importance to its quality.

We are fully aware that things as simple as showers that don’t work can ruin an otherwise perfect day.

“My colleague Alberto monitors the quality of our teaching at all the Sol Quijano school. I make sure everything else runs smoothly as well.

The responsibility for accommodation lies with the Sol Quijano school. I check the accommodation facilities, solve any unforeseen problems in co-ordination with each school try to cater for any special wishes of our students and have informal chats with them to remain up-to-date and check that they are fully satisfied. The host families and owners of the students flats meet each other regularly at our schools.

The results of these meetings and informal get-togethers often mean immediate improvements for you, the students.”

Managing director

Guest family

It is good to know that most of the host families have worked with us since the beginning. The families know from experience what the role of a host is.


Accommodation in a host family allows you to get the maximum out of your course. Nowhere else will you so directly experience real Spanish life.

Nothing could be better to help improve your language skills. The word “family” should not be taken too literally, because your family could also be just a single parent who takes in students because he or she enjoys the company. You wouldn’t be the first to go out together, or to keep in contact with the family after your return home.

You can choose from a room with breakfast, hasf-board (breakfast and you can choose between a cooked meal in the afternoon at about two o’clock or light dinner at ten) or full-board (breakfast and two meals).
It is obvious that you will have to adjust little to the rules of the house.

Remember, too, that locals have different eating habits. Apart from that, you are free to do what you want. You will be given your own keys, so you can come and go as you please.

Regarding accommodation, you can choose one of our options: family and residence, you can choose to be on your own.

If you want us to look for the accommodation besides usual options, residence or family, there are other options such as hostels and hotels in Palma.

house1Also young people over 18 use to pick aparthotels on Magaluf and Palmanova beaches, both in Calvia; what we don’t manage is accommodation like apartments or flats in Palma, although we inform you with links where you can visit different websites.

You can always choose the most suitable accommodation on your own, if you like other hotels, apartments, flats or houses. If you want, you can browse any of these websites where you can book directly with the owners.