Share your experience with a family

In selecting host families we do not look for luxury in material sense but for Spanish families who appreciate receiving foreign students.


Additionally, the word family should not be taken too literally, because a family can also be a single parent or a childless couple who takes in students because they enjoy the company.

Students are given their own key and are independent, while also being treated as a member of the family.

The students have their meals together with the family but they should be aware that Spanish eating habitats can be rather different.

Families less than 20 minutes from the school.

It is ideal for children and students interested in meeting Spanish people and traditions, in order to know them personally.

You can stay in a Spanish family who will welcome with great hospitality, they will offer you a family atmosphere where you can practice Spanish with them, you can ask them about their habits and tastes, as well as regular sites know if you wish to visit and are markets, villages and beaches.

The family has the role of acting as host without changing their habit of daily life, because the students are who have to integrate naturally in a typical Spanish family, with their customs, cuisine and culture. Families are expected to understand, friendship and love as own family would do, which means by the student rules and common obligations at home.

The costs are assumed by the
accommodation family (chosen by the student),
remember that you’re not in a hotel, and you should do housework, cooking and laundry task; you are always expected to help in typical situations, like tidy your room, do washing up, set the table or help pick it up, leave the room and pick up the bathroom after use, no mess … Samples of respect for your host family, which will help to improve connivance.

Adults (+18 years)

If you are over 18, you do not have time to get home, but you must respect in the house, where you stay and specify a regular schedule and try to notify the family in case of absence or late arrival.



If students are under 18, they will have time for coming home and assume that they will be under the supervision of the host family.

The family will help you in whatever you need, within their means.

After submitting the registration, marking the home stay and an additional 250 € booking, we will send you information of the host family, as housing type and zone, family members, ages … And, if you agree, you just have to pay the remaining payment not later than 30 days before your arrival.