Shared flats

sailingboat sunsetYou share a student flat with four or five other Sol Quijano students. We always do our best to accommodate you in a student flat with different nationalities.

However, the common language typically becomes English. We suggest that you should reach an agreement with one another to speak as much Spanish as possible.

The student flats are not very luxurious but they have all the basic amenities (a bed, table, chair and a wardrobe).

Each student flat has a living room with television, a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and iron.

In student flats there are no telephones available to call but there is WIFI.

You will share the kitchen and the bathroom and, together, keep the house clean. Shared areas are cleaned once a week.


We cannot emphasise it enough: accommodation is very important. No two students are alike, which makes it very difficult for us to give general advice.

Do you want to experience home stay, student flat and/or residence during your stay? Of course you can do this as well.
Combining accommodation types does not involve any extra charges.

Take your time and make a sensible decision. If you want to discuss your accommodation with us, then please do not hesitate to call your local Sol Quijano office or agent. Sol Quijano provides objective information and personal advice.