Group trips to Majorca island and know Spanish cities and towns.

We also offer plane trips to know different Spanish cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla or Salamanca.


It’s better to book plane trips with some time in advance because it’s cheaper, that’s why you must let us know if you have decided to do any plane trip during your journey, so we can organize groups. Anyway, you can take a plane when you are here, although it could be more expensive, but it’s recommended if you aren’t sure. Just ask us about the visits out of Majorca to know if you’re interested.

Furthermore, if you are an American or Asiatic student you can also visit many European cities like Rome, Paris or London for a weekend, just tell us.

Majorca has a big international airport with many different Spanish and European destinies, and it’s possible travel quickly doing a weekend break, just in 1 or 2 hours you will be in any place.