Spanish course+ extra activities, specific for European Erasmus students:

Before you go to do an Erasmus to any Spanish University, come to Majorca to improve your Spanish level, meeting its culture and new friends like other European Erasmus.

Here you will have the opportunity to meet other students and make friends. Some of Sol Quijano students are going to spend their Erasmus time in the same city than you, this way you could meet someone at the beginning of the University academic year, which always helps.


Other times, you make friends in Sol Quijano and once you have started your Erasmus you can visit them to their cities, saving the accommodation and meeting the city with them.

We will also explain you the main different Spanish cities, so when you will be in Spain and want to travel to Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela... you will be able to move and you will know the best accommodations with relation quality-price...
We will also advice you about other places that aren't as well-known, but as beautiful than the famous ones.

At Sol Quijano you will know some of the Spanish customs and traditions before you start your University studies in Spain.

Students who have visited Spain before are still surprised at many traditions, although the truth is some of them have adapted to them comfortably.

There are some examples such as:

- Mediterranean food is one of the symbols of Spanish gastronomy.
- The timetables are also amazing for foreign students when they meet Spain.
- Despite living here some of them aren't still used to having lunch between 14 and 15h. and dinner between 20 and 22 hours.
- The nap is the relaxing time, when people sleep after lunch, the main meal.
- Regarding the greetings, there are a lot of Spanish who give a hug when they meet and the women always kiss twice in the cheeks.
- Among friends, going out to have tapas is one of the most popular customs that fascinate foreign students. When the workday ends they sometimes go out with their colleagues or classmates to have a beer and a pincho (tapas).

erasmusYou will improve your Spanish, learning how to communicate and express yourself both in a formal and informal way. In addition, you will improve your writing skills to your future exams.

It is also important to know common expressions and slang of Spanish people.
Speaking, listening and writing are our

In Majorca you will spend unforgettable holidays and a really great experience, with new friend in paradisiacal sunny beaches and many other activities to enjoy.

You will love it