The island of Mallorca belonging to Spain is the largest island of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, with an area of 3,640 square kilometers is located in the Mediterranean Sea between the coasts of the Spanish peninsula and Italy.

There are a total of 623 kilometers of shoreline beaches where sand beaches located 154 and 200, if we add up the beaches of gravel, which are distributed among 24 municipalities.

Clean beaches of extraordinary beauty, transparent and crystal clear water.
Here are some of the beaches and coves (no nearby developments) most beautiful and famous are: Sa Calobra, Playa de Es Trenc, Cala Marmols, Cala Varques, Formentor,  S’amarrador, Cala Almunia.

Some of the most popular beaches with more leisure, entertainment, bars, clubs and shops are these others: Magaluf, El arenal de Palma.

DSC07453In Mallorca find esplendids temperature without hot flashes or low temperatures, Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, with moderate temperatures, without extremes, where in summer you will find an excellent climate between 20 and 35 degrees at peak times and winter keeps the thermometer always positive numbers.

DSC02891okMajorca offers all kind of beaches, coves and is surrounded by nature and urban beaches with all kinds of entertainment such as bars, clubs, shops and many people to enjoy their environment.

Anything you want... you just have to choose