Getting to Majorca

The island of Majorca by location, just two possibilities of arrival, boat or plane, but certainly by quickly and be more economical, the plane is the most used.

Palma de Majorca international airport has more travellers moving to Spain where he welcomes people from all over the world who want to enjoy an island full of enchantments.


The airport of Palma de Majorca “Sant Joan” is about 7kms. Palma.

To arrive at Palma you have several options as to catch the #1 bus that goes by Palma route and you can get off at the Plaza of Spain, where it merges all urban bus network.

Or, take the bus 15 at the airport and make route sandy beach if your property is over there.

If you prefer to go straight to your accommodation can take a taxi, which for about 20 or 25 euros will take you directly to your accommodation by Palma.

If you can and want to get to Majorca on ships and ferries, which will leave you in the south of the island in Palma or on the north coast of the island in Alcudia.
Here are some companies: