Standard Spanish Course

Maximum 6 students per class

Learn Spanish in the different levels that we offer, with small groups classes have a 6 students maximum. This offers teachers the possibility to pay attention on each pupil and explaining faster any grammar content.

Thanks to this working method we can help with any learning problem in conversational skills, writing or listening.

We don’t forget reading and dictations to improve completely… All our teachers are Spanish graduated in philology to teach this language.

In exceptional cases, for student wishes or for the academy needs, if we have classes with more than 10 students, we offer 10% discount.

Standard Spanish Course

5 lessons per day

Each lesson is between 50 and 55minutes. Their main function is to be communicative, so when you finish this course you will be able to speak well in Spanish.

In the first 2 hours we work on grammar, verbs and vocabulary. After we make a short break to get refreshed an eat something, we make more dynamic activities, like dictations, writing and improve the compositions after reading Spanish magazines and newspapers.

Doing this, students improve every day their writing, spelling and they get a variety lexical and suitable to any situations, depending on its formality.

Writing in Spanish is a very hard work of creation, that’s why we give you a solid base to know how to speak correctly.

Teachers help you with pronounce and tone, which are very necessary to speak Spanish correctly. Oral skills are one of the most important elements to communicate in any language, although are the most difficult aspects.

Expressing in other language fluently takes a lot of studying and practicing hours.