Learn Spanish doing a internship in Majorca

It is aimed at students who are studying (or have finished) their Tourism and hotel management studies with high English level and knowledge of German for some positions

Some of the positions htey offer are: reception, entertainer, kitchen staff, waiter...

Pack features

  • - Internship in tourism and hotel management business (booking duties, restaurant, pubs…)
  • - There is wide variety of job positions an each company establishes both the training weeks and wage (min 100€). Ask and we will inform you.
  • - Some companies may pay a little salary during the internship

About the course

Junge Geschfsfrau im BroSpanish grammar, writing, reading and mostly speaking will be taught in each Spanish course.

You will learn new expressions and vocabulary speaking about daylife subjects, improving your pronounce.

Each level will practise communicative situations both with the teacher and other students.

Keep on reading about our teaching method or you might be interested inreasons for coming to Majorca to learn Spanish.