Day time in Majorca learning Spanish, then: Nightlife

It is aimed at students who are interested in enjoying nightlife, discos, dancing. Meet new people and friends to have fun.
Mallorca is amazing at night, and much more than this...

Pack features for FREE!

  • - 1 Party boat invitation with one-way trip, meal and drink included in Magaluf
  • - Enjoy 3 incredible Discos (one-way trip included) such as:
  • - BCM (Magaluf)
  • - Tito´s (Palma city centre)
  • - Megapark (Arenal beach zone)
  • - Enjoy a fantastic water park to aver 18 people (sledge rides, waves zone, sun beds…) Open bar, meals and drink included and one-way transfer15€ to each students in order to pay return transfers

About the course

Spanish grammar, writing, reading and mostly speaking will be taught in each Spanish course.

You will learn new expressions and vocabulary speaking about day life subjects, improving your pronounce.

Each level will practise communicative situations both with the teacher and other students.

Keep on reading about our teaching method or you might be interested in reasons for coming to Majorca to learn Spanish.