The School

Sol Quijano (Cum Laude Group).

Sol Quijano is a Spanish for fereigner’s School located in Palma de Majorca city centre, with extra leisure activities (open 6 months per year).
We are a warm and homey school with an average groups of 4 students, high qualified native teachers.
They are experienced in teaching Spanish and close to the students.
There are 5 classrooms, WiFi, projector, chill out terrace to rest and have a snack.

Cum Laude is an English and other school subjets school too, in order to help high school students all year round. We share the same school facilities, so it is easy to mix both Spanish and foreigner students from Sol Quijano for language exchanges and make new Spanish friends!

We are a school with a capacity of about 50 students, so we know all our students, with almost personalized attention, trying to create a family atmosphere and close to the student, far removed from the franchise with a huge volume of students where ever real progress is monitored each student and are unaware of many of the problems that each student may have.

The relationship between academics, teachers and students are very close, which always speaks of adaptation to this experience, and listen to students, we also have a range of suggestions for according to taste.


The school is located in Palma de Mallorca, 5 minutes walk from the center.


The academy consists of all necessary amenities such as air conditioning in all classrooms, water, photocopier, coffee area.