About us

High knowledge of Spanish

Hola! School (Programm of Cum Laude academia) is a group of people engaged in teaching Spanish to foreigners, where the center’s director has a degree in Hispanic Studies from the University of Salamanca and diploma from the Instituto Cervantes.

Spanish course at HOLA!

We offer many leisure and cultural activities in collaboration with other companies in Majorca, outside class times to complete your stay in Majorca.

Why choose us?

Sol Quijano is a Spanish for foreigners school with Spanish courses of different levels and spectacular extra activities suitable for each student.


Our academy is not unique to foreign students as we help students Majorcan Spanish (between 10 and 19 years) throughout the year, in their subjects of their schools and institutes such as maths, English and Spanish languages, arts or physics.

Exchange with Spanish students

In our school we try to integrate international students with students we have in the academy so they can share experiences and friendships outside academia. An exchange of languages and cultures is one of the best experiences to complete a trip to a foreign country.

Our Goal

Comprehensively teach Spanish, easy and didactic, with the goal that at the end of the course, students have the confidence to speak Spanish.