The teaching method

Sol QuijanoAt the Sol Quijano we use an interactive method of teaching based on learning by practice. That means that grammar is covered - after all, one of the key building blocks of any language - as much as possible by using practical situations. Speaking and actively using the language situations. Speaking and actively using the language is central to the continuous interaction between teacher and student
Sol Quijano has refined the communicative teaching method continuously through years of experience and by constantly evaluating and applying student suggestions.

Group and levels

Successfully implementing the interactive method totally depends on the personal attention your teacher is able to give you. Our groups never have more than eight students on all intensive and super-intensive courses. We determine the make-up of the group according to students' abilities.
The first day of the course begins with an oral and written test.(Although if you know you are a beginner, you will start directly in a beginners group)

We work with four levels ,fixing the goals for each based on our experience.

Command of linguistic and cultural basics. Able to formulate and understand short sentences relating to basic necessities and forms of politeness.
Able to express oneself, perhaps sometimes a little difficulty, but usually spontaneously and independently, in everyday situations.
Advanced communication ability, even in complicated situations.
Clearing up minor imperfections. Refining pronunciation and intonation.Communicating,without difficulty, with people who are native Spanish speakers.

The classes

The lessons at the Sol Quijano schools are lively and varied. The emphasis is on conversation but, of course, we also pay attention to grammar, reading, listening and writing. In class, we make use of overhead projectors and other audio-visual materials. To ensure that the lessons are as practical as possible, we work with newspaper articles and we will teach you how to conduct a telephone conversation in Spanish.
Films and documentaries will also be screened, songs played and menus read. In addition, you will give talks and take part in role-play situations.

Study materials and assignments

Throughout the course you will receive all the study materials you need. Our materials have a support function. A large part of the study material is presented in the form of practical activities and exercises through which you will learn to understand and speak Spanish almost without noticing. You do a great part of these exercises during the lessons but, in addition, you will have to study outside the classroom. You should devote about one hour a day to this individual work. However, it is true that the more you practice the more you will learn.


On the first Monday you are expected at school at nine o'clock in the morning. As a beginner (a third of our students are beginners, so you are not the only one!) you start the lessons immediately. You will notice that by the end of day one you will take a level test first so that you can be classified at the right learning level. The lessons then start immediately afterwards.

Certificates and diplomas

When you have finished the course, you will receive a certificate of participation from Sol Quijano noting that you have taken part in at least 90% of the lessons. The following will be recorded on the certificate:
-The course you have attended
-The length of the course
-The subjects you have taken
-The goals and level of Spanish where you have been classified
-The number of hours you spent in class
If you take the internal Sol Quijote examination at the end of the course then the level you have reached will be shown in the form of a grade. Sol Quijote also provides preparatory courses for the DELE examinations (inicial, básico and intermedio)

What makes the Sol Quijano courses so effective?

The most important thing is that, at Sol Quijano, you are the centre of attention.
What concerns us is to cater exclusively for your needs, interests and requirements.
You come to us to learns Spanish and that is what you will do all day long. The teachers' enthusiasm and the practice-orientated lessons ensure that you are immediately involved in daily life.
Believe me, that is how you will learn Spanish the best and fastest way.

See you soon!